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Railey's Poetry and Such
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Broken Hearted

You Gave Me a Bear...

So what will you see
When you look at me
Pain, hurt, confusion
Because you will never be

The person that I thought you were
All this pain I just can't bear
You said you loved me, but you lied
I hung what you gave me, the bear

Welcome to the End...

Welcome to the end
I would just like to say
That my life will now be changed
On this here very day

Because I know the truth now
I know what you did
You lied when I talked to you last
You were scared, so you hid

You shyed away
To make one thing true
Fault to lay in my arms?
No, you're wrong, it's you

You cheated on me
And everyone knew
So you're think youre hot shit?
Is it fun to play with two?

Just one more thing
Here's what you missed
You can't play with me
For it was her you kissed

I found out the truth
You never thought I'd see
Now I have a true friend
So long sucker, now it's just me

I'll see tomorrow
Without your face
Say adios to the past
And look back without a trace

I'll erase you from my memories
And I'll erase you from my mind
I'll wake up smiling tomorrow
Because I left your shit behind


You fucked me over
You'll see it in my eyes
You'll see the hurt and pain you caused
When you cheated and then you lied

You killed everything
That I've ever known
Every word out of your mouth
Now it's all disowned

You said you loved me
You destroyed my life
You killed family bonds
And left me to die

You'll plainly see
What I feel now
You were in my life
And used to be my world

Now you're gone
I see a brighter day
You're not longer here
And happy I'll stay.

Poems copyrighted through Railey Hope. Please do not use or take without permission.

On a personal note, I would like to say that tonight (Jan 21st, 2001) marks an era in my life. It is now time to start people, new friends, new hobbies, new everything. I just got played by someone I care about deeply, and although that hurts...if this ever happens to you. Be pissed at them not has nothing to do with you why they cheated. Just remember that you are unique and special, and nothing can replace you!