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Railey's Poetry and Such
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Pain - One Day


In this place of solace
Is the part where I begin
I think of things Ive never done
And places Ive never been

It all starts out so lonely
To realize what Ive done wrong
And all these things I did myself
Until someone else comes along

But even then Ive caused pain
And even then Ive hurt
So no matter if youre there or not
Someone will always get burned

For I am the one who does this
The one to cause the misery
And no one else can take the blame
And no one else will see

Everyone around me is blind to the fact
That I can be this bitter
So I carry on with my little life
And wonder why it all matters


One Day

One day and I miss her already
One day since Ive talked to her
One days since Ive seen that face
One day since Ive heard her whisper
One day since Ive felt that embrace

One day can change so much
It could change the way I think
The way I see things
The way I feel about things

One day can change her
She can sound sad when I talk to her
But she could not miss me at all

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