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Railey's Poetry and Such
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If I'm Gone

If I am Taken

If I should be taken from this world
What wishes would have not come true
Tell me the things I'd wanted to happen
And tell me thing things I'd like to do

For if I should be taken from this world
What people would I have liked to touch
In a profound way to change their life
I think I'd like to know that much

For I should be taken from this world
I would want people to know how I feel
About my family, friends, and all who are close
Because my love will surround them indefinately

For if I should be taken from this world
I would not want anyone to be sad
I want everyone to wear white at my funeral
And celebrate the life I've had

If I'm Gone

If I am gone tomorrow
Please don't mourn for me
For I am not realy gone
My soul will always be
Within each heart I've touched
Through this life of mine
I hope I made some difference
And my life was not in vein
So please if I die today
Do not shed any tears
I don't want you to cry over this
And no crying over me


If I were not here tomorrow
Who, I wonder, would notice
How many poeple would see an empty sear
And how many people would actually miss

I don't see people noticing this
For them, life is pretty fast
For if I were in their shoes
I'm sure the empty seat I would pass

For I saw an empty chair today
A girl I knew was not here
I didn't miss her presence in class
But what dwelled inside was fear

If I were not sitting here
And in fact I sometimes pray
I dont think I would be missed at all
Tomorrow or any other day

All poetry is copyrighted to Railey Hope. Please don't take any, or use it without asking my permission first.

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