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Railey's Poetry and Such
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She is the definition of the word
Because I cant get enough
Her eyes invite me into a world
One I have never known
And finally I entered
I saw a perfect being, and Im never leaving
Her face is one of a porcelain doll
Her body is one of a goddess
Her stomach flat, her legs slender
Her arms toned, and her hands
Oh, her hands.
Her breasts are perfect, shape and size
Her neck is wondrous, kissable
And her tenderness, it feels so good
Inside her is the last place I want to be
Inside her is the last place she wants me
My mouth wants to kiss every inch of her
My hands are attracted to her hard nipples and below
Exploring her thighs, and hips
There is no place Id rather be
My tongue loves to tease, licking her lips
And sucking on skin, kissing her breasts
And then hearing her
The shortness of breath emerges, and she bites her lip
She lies still, and enjoys what I offer
I caress her body
Touching every inch possible
Being with her, in a state like this
Has brought me into a world I never knew
She makes me want her
Every time I see her
I want to take her right there
But I cant
For that is saved for when she takes me to her world
I will never get enough of her
And she will always remain to be,


One Night

The way she makes me feel
The way her hands move over me
They touch my back, my stomach
Up and down my legs and arms
Her fingers brush over my breasts
Touching, playing
Then her lips kiss mine
Her tongue parts my mouth
And takes me deeper
Then her hands move down
Over my stomach
And she enters
She takes me to an enchanting world
Moving inside me
I feel my eyes close
And I bite my lip
She kisses me over and over
Her mouth moves down
And stops at my chest
Feeling like an explosion
She takes me again
Her lips move up to my face
Slowly kissing my cheeks and ears
And then withdrawing her hand
She wraps her arms around my waist
Waiting for me to regain my breath
She whispers softly
I love you

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