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Railey's Poetry and Such
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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

Love is a strange thing.
It arrives in the strangest of forms, and at the weirdest of times.
It holds the capacity to shatter everything,
Or build things up so high they can never be broken.

This love holds the capacity to build and shatter
For with her I am elated, excited,
The smile will never leave these lips
But this love can shatter also
Because it can destroy a bond with my family

My family, I do not know how they will react
They might hate me for holding this love
They might disown me and disregard me
They might throw away the daughter
The sister, the niece, the grand daughter
Because I hold this love

For I am in love with the most beautiful of people
She is kind, caring, smart, funny
She holds me up when no one else can
She holds me close when no one else can get near
She talks to me when I dont want to listen
She gets through to me when I wont let anyone else
She is perfect in every way
From her funny little comments, to her serious eyes
From her goofy little grin, to her kindness of heart
She is perfect

She doesnt realize how much she means to me
I want to build my life with her
I want her to be my world
But the controversy kills me

Every time I think about what others think
I die inside
She sees it in my eyes, but I cant tell her this
I cant tell her that if I had a choice, I wouldnt be with her
I cant tell her that Im thinking I cant be with her anymore
I cant tell her that I want to leave and never look back
Just because I cant bear the thought of being a failure in my parents eyes

These thoughts kill me
To know that Im thinking of leaving her
It destroys everything on the inside
I want to push everything else aside
I want to pull her into my arms
And never let go
I want her to be here now
And I never want her to leave

I want to look my mom straight in the eyes and tell her
But I cant
I want to look at my dad and tell him
But I cant
I want to look at her and tell her I cant be with her
But I wont

This life is not chosen
It is not easy, and creates pain, disappointment, and failures
It creates suicide, and violence, and self-destruction
But more than this
It creates happiness beyond belief
It had created in me a world I never knew
It is one where there is no obstruction, no disappointment, and no failures
There is no death, no violence, no nothing
Just peace, love, and pure happiness.
It is because of her and this love
That I have found this world in me.

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