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Railey's Poetry and Such
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Imagine a free fall
Open spaces
Just you and the universe
For 6 seconds you are it
The only one to see what you see
To feel what you feel
Free falling.
Doesnt hurt, its more
Exciting, exhilarating
Your chute opens
You slow down
And you are left to enjoy the breathtaking sights
You see the ground getting closer
And you, being one in a million,

So its true.
Its not the fall that hurts, just the sudden stop at the bottom.


Curve Ball

Life is full of curve balls
One day its great and everything you hit is a home run
Its all going your way
Nothing can bring you down

The next day comes the fast pitch
You stike out
And again
And again
Youre out
Nothing went right and nothing can regain your power

You miss everything thats thrown at you
And you walk away empty handed
Have you ever felt like that?
Felt like nothing really matters
Felt like nobody really cares
And the ones that say they do
...they dont
Thats the curve ball

Trust is built up so high you think its unbreakable
Then all of a sudden
Thats the third one
Youre out

Sometimes its a good thing to swing and miss
But some times I wonder
Is it really worth swinging at all?

All poetry is copyrighted to Railey Hope. Please don't take any, or use it without asking my permission first.

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