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Railey's Poetry and Such
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For #6

So here I go again
Thoughts blinding my vision
The future so blurry
I can't open my eyes
Finding my way through the dark
A soft hand finds mine
And not letting go
We walk
Not knowing where I'm going
I have to trust this hand
For as I try to see them
Another hand shuts my eyes
Being led through the night
By this stranger
I feel a compassion building
And a connection being made
For I don't want to know where I am
I don't want to see my future
But I want to see now
And I want to see who is leading me
Suddenly we stop
And still blinded, I listen
Hearing laughter echoing through the silence
I hear cries, screams, and then a voice
"We have entered into my mind
A cave full of fears and dreams
If you choose to look, please
But if you don't, we'll walk still
I visit here for memories
To grasp at my past
Not many people enter here
Even less stay for the door is locked
But you seemed to be different
Somewhat caring, and curious"
The hand slips from my eyes
And I take a small peek
But I dont see much
Only more doors, and more locks
And then she speaks once more
That voice so soft and tender
"Some memories are dead
Some I don't like to share at all
But someday I'll open up
And someday you'll know"
She takes her hand away from mine
And she leaves me there
Blinded in the darkness
The silence swallows me whole
I stand not knowing where to turn
Which door might be unlocked?
I'm unsure, so I try to follow the scent
Being drawn back to the feeling of the soft hands
I wonder where she disappeared to
I follow the silence, the echoing footsteps so faint
And finally I come across a small bench
Sitting down, I decide to wait
Maybe she will return when she comes for the past
And she will find me here
Maybe one day she will come for memories
And find a faint one of our journey
One so small it may seem insignificant
One so small it may seem to be forgotten
But I will pray that she will come one day

Copyrighted to Railey Hope 3-31-01.
Please do not take, reproduce, or otherwise use this poem without my permission. Written permission is not hard to get, please use the links at the left...Contacting me.