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Railey's Poetry and Such
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Always Wanting...

Have you ever contemplated what was?
Have you ever wondered what could be?
Have you ever wondered why people are the way they are?
Does it ever cross you mindwhy?

So why do people play crazy games?
Why do they hurt you without even trying?
Why do they somehow, always end up being the ones on the giving end?

Have you ever wondered where you stand with people?
Have you ever wanted to play that crazy game
But just couldnt find the rules?

Have you ever thought why people are the way the are?
Have you ever tried to fix what you thought was wrong?
Have you ever, I mean ever, wanted to hit something so bad.

Its like something out of your control
Something is spinning, and its that spinning
That makes you slowly go insane

It makes you think about all that was
It makes you think about people
It makes you wish for something else

Anything would be better than this
Always wondering where you stand
Always searching for answers youll never find
Always wanting


Beyond This World

Beyond this world
I find myself in dreams
But these thoughts
Are never what they seem

I dream of times we spent together
Sitting along in my room
Reality hits me here
And leaves me nothing but gloom

I look back and try to remember
The smile I grew to love
And I remember how you broke my heart
And left my life for good

I try to figure out what went wrong
But my mind? It just goes clear
I cant understand what it was
So now I just stand here

But I did learn something along the way
The answer among my words
So now I retreat back to my dreams
And live beyond this world

All poetry is copyrighted to Railey Hope. Please don't take any, or use it without asking my permission first.

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