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Railey's Poetry and Such
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For an Angel


Infatuated with every move
Every smile
Every look
Infatuated with beauty
Her face
Her body
Infatuated with every sound
Every comment
Every word
Infatuated with untouchable
Cannot touch
Cannot look
Cannot say
Infatuation with someone
Every move
Every sound
Just...her beauty


Hope is what life is
Hope is what she tells me
Hope is what drives you
It's what fuels every thought
Every word
Hope is what makes the world go round
Without hope...the rest is gone
There would be no drive
There would be no dreams
There would be no fuel for the fire
Without these words from her
I dont know if hope would be in my mind
I dont know if I would hold these dreams that I do
Or the courage to have what I say
I have hope
Hope for the future
No matter what I do
No matter what happens to me
I will have hope
Because of one person
I realize this...
Hope is what drives my soul

Fallen Angel

This angel walks into my life
She shelters me from a world of hipe
She lifted me when I was down
When no one else could, she erased my frown
I found myself infatuated with every move
Every word she said, and to me this proved
That with her I could do anything
Face the world and not feel the sting
But without her now, I come to ask
What happened to my life and to my past
I didn't understand a lot of the strain
For when she was here she took away my pain
But forever she will stay by my side
Being my fallen angel that lives inside

Famous Angel

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