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Railey's Poetry and Such
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Beauty Afar

Beauty Afar

Watching her from afar
I realize many things
But that is all I do, watch
For in my arms is someone else
Charming, charaismatic, lovable, funny
Possibly the greatest friend there could be

So I watch this beauty
On the stage and I wonder
What if she was in my arms
What if she was in my heart
What if she was to take the place
Of this friend I hold

This friend has now evaporated from my life
As she walked away today I realize this
She is not charming, nor charasmatic
She is not funny, and not lovable
She is not the greatest friend I've had
And she is, in my mind, utterly replacable

Now I await this beauty to exit the stage
As I watch her with awe
She is kind, and truthful
She is a friend for now
And maybe we will see where it goes
But for now
She is not replacable
And she has taken the place in my arms.

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