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Railey's Poetry and Such
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They sit there so content
So in love with each other
And I sit opposite and watch the scene
I have never seen this before
The intimate smiles
The sly look in their eyes
The way their hands clasp
The way her leg crosses over his
And I watch

She looks up and I see something new
Her beautiful eyes gaze at me
And I wonder
What would it be like to be in his shoes?
But then reality grabs me and I am thrust into the present
There is no way that I could talk to her
And it would be impossible to be with her
To feel her hand holding mine
To have those intense blue eyes gaze into mine

And she moves
She looks like she is headed to the restroom
Do I follow? Do I try to talk to this goddess?
And as she passes me her mouth moves
Follow me

So I follow her sensuous body
Watching every move she makes
And imaging what it would be like to hold her
Caressing her skin
Kissing those lips
And making love to a goddess

She walks into the rest room
And looks at me
Gazes at me with those eyes
And words emerge from her mouth
I saw you looking at me

Well, I wasnt really looking
More like admiring
More like wondering

Wondering what exactly?

Id rather show you

Then what are you waiting for?

With those words being said, I move
I step towards her
I kiss those lips
And my hands explore her back
Undoing the clasp of her bra
I hear a soft moan
And then I feel her hands running through my hair
And down my spine

My hands slowly move forward
Touching and playing with her erect nipples
Her tongue parts my lips
And strokes my tongue
Ever so gently she moves her hands to my hips
And whispers in my ear
I need you in me

My hands move from her back
Around to her stomach
And they move downwards
Leaning against the tile wall
I lift her skirt
And pull at her thongs

My fingers explore the already wet tenderness
And then she pushes them inside
Slowly moving inside her
Her teeth bite at my neck
And I start to kiss her chest
With my hand deep inside
My lips kiss her stomach
And before I know it
I am on my knees in front of her
Removing my fingers
My tongue takes over

She moans gently
And her hands grasp at my neck
After only minutes she lets out a quiet scream
And letting me know that she is spent
She drops to her knees and kisses me passionately

Her hands caress my breasts
Her lips explore my ears and neck
She moves her hands downwards
Undoing my jeans
She delves into me

Never before have I been this excited
Never before I felt this good
I feel her caress within me
And I bite my lip

With my hands on her breasts
I am not the only one that is turned on
She slowly lowers me backwards
And we are lying on the floor
Slowly she kisses my chest
Then my stomach
And then she moves downward still

I moan as her tongue enters
And I feel myself tighten as she hits that spot
Her lips leave and move upwards
And I pull her up to kiss her

While kissing me she pulls her panties up
Moving her skirt downwards
She manages to dress me as well
I redo her bra
Still caressing those erect nipples
And she kisses me deeper still

Slowly she gets up
And pulling me with her
I watch those luscious eyes
They gaze at me with desire
And I as look back
My lips form a smile

When I awake from this dream
I am realize this certain goddess does exist
We did not meet like this dream
It is much more complicated than that
But this goddess, she does exist

Her porcelain face
Her soft smile
Her deep blue eyes
And her red hair
She is perfect
And she is mine
For as we speak she lays next to me

All poetry is copyrighted to Railey Hope. Please don't take any, or use it without asking my permission first.

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