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Railey's Poetry and Such
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The lightning forks across the sky
Illuminating all that is below
And the rain begins to fall
Splashing softly onto the fields and mountains
And amongst all the darkness
Sunrays emerge from behind the clouds
Like a glorious spring morn
The sunlight brightens the day
Casting beautiful shadows over the fields below
Colors begin to fill the sky
From the dark clouds to the bright sun
From the soft tears that fall to the dry grass
A rainbow begins to form
Casting the magnificent sights across the heavens
The rain ceases and the tears move on
The clouds move to a different place
One that cries with pain
These clouds, although dark at first, bring light
They bring magnificent colors
And make the earth smile like God's masterpiece.



My love is like a snowflake
It floats down from an unknown place
Amazes all in its presence with its beauty
And it is unique from all others
When it hits the earth it may melt
But the impression of the uniqueness does not fade
When it hits snow, it becomes part of a bigger picture
Encompassing all the love this earth holds
And when one person sees all this love
The will feel the love in them
They will breathe it in with the cold air
And in doing so they will feel me
That small imprint left by my snowflake will be heard
And with each person that feels this love
The love on this earth will grow
Love grows with each look, each smell, and touch
And because of the people that take the time to smell the snow
My snowflake will be tasted by all
And my love with never die.

All poetry is copyrighted to Railey Hope. Please don't take any, or use it without asking my permission first.

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