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Railey's Poetry and Such
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Love, Sex

Beautiful Face

Before me sits a beautiful face
With brown eyes I could get lost forever in,
With cheeks so rosy and lips so soft.

In this face I see a future,
A paradise, a place to belong.

But when I look at this face, I get scared.
Scared that I can't live up to what I see before me.
Scared this face will see something more then me, and Ill lose.

"What if's" plague me,
And tears approach me.

What if one day, I won't have the honor of looking at the beautiful face?
What if one day this beautiful face won't want to look at me?

I find myself lost in tears.
Willing to change anything to keep it mine.

Quit smoking?
For this face, OK.
Quit drinking?
For this face, OK.
Quit breathing?
Even that, for this face, would be OK.

I want to wake up every morning and look into this face.
I want to come home every day and kiss this face.

So what makes this face so amazing?
It belongs to you.

My fears, my trust,
My life, all circle back to you and your beautiful face.
And I am forever yours.

The Love

The passion is unlike any other,
The thirst for kisses can not be denied,
The hunger for the taste of your body,

To feel your hands on me I melt with desire,
The passion ignites,
To feel your body on top of mine,
The fire of passion grows out of control
To taste your kisses,
The thirst for them can not be quenched,

Hours that seem like minutes,
Time means nothing right now,

Only thing that means anything, is you,
The love we make matches no other,
The feelings that are shared is unlike any other,
We are in love
Which makes this better than anything I have ever
A love that others are jealous,
A love that people go their entire lives without
You and I have that,
We have the romantic love, the comedic love, the one and
only love,
The love that we are perfectly content,
The love that it does not matter what we do because we are
with each other,
The love that you read in fairy tales.

Beautiful Face was written by my best friend. The Love was written by a once special person (author of Woman). Both, like all poems on this site, are copyrighted through Railey Hope.

All poetry is copyrighted to Railey Hope. Please don't take any, or use it without asking my permission first.

All the pictures I have found on other sites on the web, or through friends sending me them. If there are any problems with my using them on this site, please contact me and I will fix whatever it is that may be wrong.