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Railey's Poetry and Such
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Just Dont

Just Don't

The word is used too much.
People say it when they dont mean it
Some people use it in a different context
When it really shouldnt be used at all

Love shouldnt be used when theres no meaning
Love shouldnt be used in any other context
Love loses meaning when its said too much
So dont.

Dont use it unless you truly mean it
And if you use it, dont abuse it

Dont claim you love me and then say you cant stand me
Dont claim you love my body when you cant stand to look
Dont claim you love my eyes when now you cant gaze into them
Dont say you love anything unless you know for sure its true
Dont claim you love me forever when now you walk away
Just dont.

All poetry is copyrighted to Railey Hope. Please don't take any, or use it without asking my permission first.

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