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Railey's Poetry and Such
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About Tomorrow

Dont know where to start,
What to talk about,
Where to end.

My mind on one thing,
And it wont leave,
My heart jumping in my throat,
But why?

I know what to think,
What to feel,
But I can't.

Not supposed to think what I think
To feel what I do
Not supposed to be who I am
To fall in love...
...with her

What do I do?
Tell her what I think?
Said Ive loved her
I do
But Im scared.

All this talk about OUR future
About OUR kids
About OUR home

I dont know about tomorrow
About the future
About anyone in my life
So scared.

How do I know?
About her?
About the future?
About tomorrow?

But I Don't

Im sitting here in a daze
I know whats going on, but I dont
I see whats happening, but I dont
I see the pain and hurt I caused, but I dont
Because I am blinded by you

You see me like no one else does
You broke through my wall the second you opened your mouth
You sang to me, and brought tears no one else could
I let you through my wall

For I swim in this pool
Drowning in the drama of others
And never putting myself on the list
But this time, it was different
I didnt want to let you slip away
So I stayed and fought
for you

I hurt my friends and I hurt others
But I dont see it
I am overcome by this smile
My heart is covered by happiness
Because this love for you blinds me

All poetry is copyrighted to Railey Hope. Please don't take any, or use it without asking my permission first.

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