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Railey's Poetry and Such
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My Own Hero

Whos your hero in the dark of night?

Who kisses fears away and makes it alright?


Whos your hero at the break of day?

Who loves and cherishes every word you say?


Who do you look up to and set so high?

Who, when you think of them, makes you cry?


Would it be the people who would give their lives?

Or someone in your soul looking out through you eyes?


For a hero lives in each soul on earth

But some never realize just what theyre worth


People fail to see what they hold within

Until they understand, their hero will not begin


For we have to release a hero in our souls

Hopefully now before courage grows too old


Dont wait for disaster before seeing what you have

Find your own hero; just take a small chance


Realize strength, have faith in your being

Your hero will emerge, amazed at what theyre seeing


So ask yourself now, who would your hero be?

I can answer that easily; my hero is me.