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 Sitting here in the middle of nature

Her mind wanders

Her thoughts drift

He heart mourns

She wondered how she missed it

The meaning of life

Her thoughts drift to the future

Of what it could possibly hold

Her heart mourns

For everything it failed to realize

And now while listening to the silence

She slowly closes her eyes

Her feet start to move

Not knowing where is going

She trusts instinct

When she opens her eyes

She is engulfed by trees

Not seeing the trail so familiar

She stops, closes her eyes once more

Unknowing of what is to come next

She waits

The wheels of conscious begin to turn

And she realizes

What she was waiting for her whole life

Was waiting for her

The love she never thought shed find

Had found her

Far from the familiar trail

Her love, her meaning, was standing

As she opens her eyes once more

She recognizes who it is

She see the soft, gentle smile

The forgiving eyes

The tender arms

She walks towards him

And suddenly everything is clear

Everything becomes comfortable

It feels like home

Only its no home shed ever known

Her heart no longer mourns

Her thoughts return to her

And her mind no longer wanders

And all of this

Because her love had found her

All poetry is copyrighted.