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Never Seeing

She watches you from afar
Taking in every swaying motion
Every smile emerging from your lips
She watches, and admires
Cherishing every word conversed
She finds her heart beating faster
Willing to do anything for you
You never seem to ask her
You seem afraid of what she holds
Maybe beacuse you cannot find fault
She does not lie, cheat, or steal
She tries to hold respect for everyone
And although she is not perfect
You don't see a major fault
Maybe that is why you shyed away
Maybe afraid to get too close to her
Because she would not hurt you
Maybe because you didn't get close
You never really truly saw her
You never noticed her admiration
How she became happier with every glance
You never saw her cherish every word
You never felt her heart beating faster
But if you miss all this
Maybe you never really saw her...


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